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California police want Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora to be charged with child endangerment following his bust for DUI. Read More
According to published sources Ashlee Simpson is pregnant! Read More
Former French sex kitten Brigitte Bardot is on trial — for 'inciting racial hatred'! Read More
Cindy McCain has been busted for stealing recipes from Rachael Ray and claiming them as her own! Read More
Hayden Panettiere of Heroes, is bored of fame. Read More
Priscilla Presley became the latest would-be hoofer to get the hook on Dancing With the Stars. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reported April 14, 2008 that Mariah Carey has a new boy friend and he's eleven years younger! Read More
Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda on Sex and the City, revealed she had breast cancer two years ago. Read More
Best selling author J.K. Rowling cast a legal spell to foil an unauthorized Harry Potter encyclopedia written by a fan. Read More
A lightweight vending machine got a very Rocky Sylvester Stallone hopping mad. Read More