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As The ENQUIRER reported three weeks ago, NBC has finally announced Jimmy Fallon is new Late Show host. Read More
Lock up your couches!  After a two year hiatus, Tom Cruise returns to the Oprah Winfrey Show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his breakthrough role in Risky Business. Read More
As previously reported, O.J. Simpson, the creepy, double-murder acquittee, approached Donald Trump about appearing on an upcoming  episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Read More
40 year-old  Gary Coleman, the Diff'rent Strokes star is not a happy man-child in the promised land.  He's airing his divorce on a very special Divorce Court two-parter. Read More
A judge threw the book -- a 3 year prison sentence -- at  Wesley Snipes bringing his  tax trial to an end.   Read More
Yet another accident occurred on the set of the new James Bond 007 thriller Quantum of Solace filming in Italy. Read More
The ENQUIRER reveals Carmen Electra, prior to her engagement, visited a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a face and body tune-up, Read More
Kill Bill star Uma Thurman will take the stand in Manhattan Supreme Court to confront her alleged stalker. Read More
Singer Carrie Underwood's been cheated on. Underwood who's broken up with more than her fair share of Romeos has remained silent on the subject - until now. Read More
Superstar Jennifer Lopez will be starring in a brand new reality show for The Learning Channel. Read More