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The ENQUIRER has obtained tapes of two revolting phone conversations in which Duane "Dog" Chapman unleashes a filthy bigoted attack, littered with the N-word and other disgusting racial ... Read More
Singer Robert Goulet died Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 73. Read More
Britney Spears' visitation rights with her sons has been modified following last Friday's custody hearing. Plus: Parenting coach says Spears "rarely engaged with the children." Read More
In a shocking elimination, Sabrina Bryan is the latest contestant to get the boot from Dancing with the Stars. Read More
Bill O'Reilly sent a film crew to ambush former View co-host Rosie O'Donnell at a recent book signing. Read More
Inside the booklet for Britney Spears' new CD Blackout, there's a photo of the singer sitting on a priest's lap. Read More
House's Hugh Laurie says he misses his family in England and never expected to be away from them for so long. Read More
See IndyCar's Danica Patrick living life in the fast lane as a guest celebrity concierge at the Grand Hyatt New York! Read More
Oprah Winfrey headed to South Africa to apologize after allegations that some of the young girls at her school were abused by the staff. Read More
Britney Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, has inked a deal to pen a book titled Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in the Tabloid World. Read More