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Yves Saint Laurent, King of the Fashionistas, is dead at 71. Read More
The R-rated Sex and the City seduced all comers over the weekend grossing a Cosmo-dropping $55.7 million at the weekend box office. The ultimate chick flick did twice industry ... Read More
Academy award winning actress Tatum O'Neal has been busted for buying crack in New York City. The 44 year-old O'Neal was nabbed by cops scoring the illegal substance Sunday evening ... Read More
The ENQUIRER’s new columnist, top veterinarian Dr. Jeff LaCroix, answers the toughest questions about our four-legged friends. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals Hilary Duff's big time binge drinking.  The underage Disney diva was like a mad Russian, slamming down vodkas at Club Villa, witnesses revealed. Read More
Two and a Half Man star Charlie Sheen has married fiancée Brooke Mueller in Beverly Hills. About sixty guests were invited to the hush hush ceremony.  Read More
Angelina Jolie has given birth to twins in the south of France.  NOT! Read More
Hot couple Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong who set Cannes ablaze with smoldering amour are back Stateside. The lovers are more than close - they're glued at the hip! Read More
Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has enlisted in The Kiss Army Fan Club! Condi was ensconced in Stockholm, Sweden for a confab on Iraq when she had a close encounter of the rock kind. Read More
Former American Idol contestant and Spamalot knight Clay Aiken is making babies. His BFF gal pal and record producer Jaymes Foster is bearing the lil' Aiken. Read More