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For those of you playing catch up with the Clay Aiken Gay "bombshell revelation", The ENQUIRER first broke the news when it was news back in our February 6, 2006 edition. Read More
Movie bosses yank Houndog from 5,117 AMC theatres nationwide after outcry over Dakota Fanning rape scene. Read More
Wild man, guitarist and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent has offered to protect Paul McCartney from holy land extremists. Read More
Despite having sex galore, Jenna Jameson, ex-porn queen is finally in a family way - with twins. Read More
Robert Wagner's love affairs are legend - Natalie Wood, Jill St. John - but who knew he had a cougar in his closet? Read More
First it was a key witness who collapsed from chest pain, now famed writer Dominick Dunne has been felled! Read More
Alleged cop-killer, Sopranos'  Lilo Brancato Jr. trial to begin. Read More
Things really heated up backstage at The Emmys as Lauren Conrad and celebs cooked up a storm for charity. Read More
Illusionist David Blaine is just hanging around -- six stories up! Read More
Federal authorities are on the hunt for a pornographer peddling risqué pics of under-age baby mama Jamie Lynn Spears! Read More