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Singer Carrie Underwood's been cheated on. Underwood who's broken up with more than her fair share of Romeos has remained silent on the subject - until now. Read More
Superstar Jennifer Lopez will be starring in a brand new reality show for The Learning Channel. Read More
With Andrew Lloyd Webber as their mentor the American Idol contestants are down to The Final Five.        Say goodbye to Carly Smithson. Read More
David Archuleta's $100,000 prize on Star Search saved parents' marriage! Plus: See the court documents! Read More
David Hasselhoff  broke his own speed record for shortest stint in alcohol rehab – signing himself out of detox after less than three hours! Read More
No big shocker here: Star Jones has filed for divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds! Read More
Actor James Caan stormed off the set of Nailed, a politcal yuk fest, after a close encounter with a cookie! Director David O. Russell (Three Kings) was shooting a scene where Caan’s ... Read More
A Federal Judge buried ex-Ramones drummer, Richie Ramone’s copyright infringement suit in a “pet sematary”. Read More
O.J. Simpson is lobbying to be on Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice! The New York Post's  Page Six revealed "creepy double murder acquittee" asked The Donald to ... Read More
Another last place finish on Dancing With the Stars led to elimination – this time for Marlee Martin's  mambo. Read More