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Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal pleaded  guilty to charges in connection to her crack cocaine bust last month. Read More
Actress Rose McGowan and director Robert Rodriguez engagement is finis because of his intended  Barbarella remake. Read More
Rikki Rockett, drummer for 80s hair band Poison, has been cleared of all rape charges in Jackson, Mississippi. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively speaks to the spurned wife at the center of CBS reporter Lara Logan sex scandal -- Kimberly Burkett. Read More
The media world has been agog with reports of Madonna's impending divorce from director Guy Ritchie. No true, claims Madge's numero uno flack Liz Rosenberg. Read More
Angelina Jolie has checked into the maternity ward of a hospital in the south of France. Read More
The British Broadcasting Corporation has unearthed a rare interview of two Beatles on the cusp of worldwide mania. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reports that the 24-year marriage of Oscar-winning Hollywood vet Morgan Freeman has collapsed, Read More
THE ENQUIRER exclusively reports the shocking secrets behind Christie Brinkley hubby Peter Cook's Lolita mistress --Diana Bianchi! Read More
Just when you thought you've had enough of the Lohans, turns out that there might be one more. Mike Lohan, father of tab-happy Lindsay and estranged ex- of surreality mum Dina, confessed ... Read More