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Hugh Hefner, the pajama-clad founder of the Playboy magazine empire cheated death during a raucous lovemaking session with a young Playmate. Read More
Excitement mounted as Christie Brinkley prepared to take the stand today to further humiliate hubby Peter Cook after her legal team painted him as a cheating, porn addicted, Lolita lovin', ... Read More
The first movie Catwoman, former Miss America, Lee Meriwether, 73, is planning a tell-all book. Read More
Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrel who shared a kiss in their last flick together are shacking up -- at 221B Baker Street. Read More
Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are high on reuniting their Friends on the big screen after taking a gander at the box office returns of Sex and the City: The Movie. Read More
Angelina Jolie's obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussman addressed the world today from the French Riviera hospital in Nice where Jolie was admitted. Read More
Oscar winner Tatum O'Neal pleaded  guilty to charges in connection to her crack cocaine bust last month. Read More
Actress Rose McGowan and director Robert Rodriguez engagement is finis because of his intended  Barbarella remake. Read More
Rikki Rockett, drummer for 80s hair band Poison, has been cleared of all rape charges in Jackson, Mississippi. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively speaks to the spurned wife at the center of CBS reporter Lara Logan sex scandal -- Kimberly Burkett. Read More