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TV cop and former real-life cop, Dennis Farina, was booked by LAPD on a felony charge.  He had a loaded gun in his briefcase as he tried to board a plane at LAX. Read More
Twenty five year old Carrie Underwood is the latest addition to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Read More
Hulk Hogan's 17 year-old son Nick who was facing five years in the big house got 8 months in county jail instead. Nick Bollea got all nolo contendre when facing off with the judicial tag ... Read More
Creepy octogenarian-at-large, Hugh Hefner, has a message for teen sensation-in-crisis Miley Cyrus. Come pose for me. Read More
Chaos ensued in Chicago's Cook County as the much postponed R. Kelly child pornography trial began. Read More
With new allegations of wild blonde daughter Lindsay's kleptomania, mother Dina Lohan put her foot down - on Inside Edition. Read More
Master thespian Alec Baldwin is getting ready to throw his hat in the political arena. Read More
The notorious Foxy Brown was no sooner sprung from the slammer than she standing tall before 'the  man'. Read More
That was the heartbreaking claim of Remigia Brooke - the bitter first wife of Senator Edward Brooke, America's first black senator, who carried on a scandalous affair with Walters 30 years ago. Read More
It's all over for pixie-ish Liv Tyler and her husband of four years, Royston Langdon. Read More