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Nothing gets by PETA patrol especially when it comes to brainless celebs espousing meaty, beefy, big and bouncy down home vittles. Who hath incurred the wrath of PETA this time?  Why, ... Read More
Despite being given the old heave ho from George Clooney, ex-Vegas cocktail waitress, the newly boobically enhanced,  Sarah Larson,is not sobbing in her suds. She's landing a new gig ... Read More
Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, the onetime Midnight Cowboy is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. Or at least he will be when he joins the cast of Fox's top-rated thrillshow 24. Read More
Denise Richards new show It's Complicated is supposed to be of the reality variety.  Truthful? Nah. Denise claims to be no hubby snatcher, claiming she and Heather Locklear ... Read More
Oscar winning special effects magician Stan Winston is dead at 62. Winston, a ground breaking pioneer in the art of visual special effects including animatronics, makeup and CGI died at home ... Read More
Normalcy enhanced Britney Spears spent a quiet Father's Day with Dad Jamie.   In fact, she went swimming with the fishes. Read More
The late Princess Diana's butler claims to have been "on call for sex 24/7" according to his brother-in-law. The butler's wife's brother, Ron Cosgrove, bragged to the ... Read More
Hard rocking rocker Kid Rock was rocketed to the ER just minutes before he was to topline a music fest in the UK. Read More
Madonna's estranged younger brother, Chris Ciccone, is planning to unleash a tell-all tome about big sis Material Gal's innermost secrets. Read More
Underworld's lead vamp Kate Beckinsale has reportedly demanded a body double for new pic Whiteout ‘cause she can't stand the sight of her own butt. Read More