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Teen pregnancy poster child, the still unwed Jamie Lynn Spears, who just gave birth,  is being blamed for mass copy cat teen pregnancies! Read More
While Angelina's bedridden waiting for the  wonder twins to emerge,  Brad has split from their French fortress to party hearty -- in Italy! CLICK  FOR:  ANGELINA ... Read More
Anger management drop-out Naomi Campbell faced the magistrate today after pleading guilty to assaulting two policemen at Heathrow Airport. Read More
Rapper 50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis Jackson is heading to court to duke it out with ex- Shaniqua Tompkins, mother of his son Marquise. Tompkins has been claiming "Fitty" is responsible for ... Read More
Recently wedded Charlie Sheen has apologized for his scathing language on a voice mail that ex-Denise Richards made public. Read More
The experimental use of a medical device to help real-life Superman Christopher Reeve breathe without a ventilator has finally been approved by the FDA.   PLUS:  Favorite Movie ... Read More
Dorothy Cascerceri gets the scoop on Chubby's checkered past: the secret origin of The Twist, his non-induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, his sex life and more! CLICK for : ... Read More
TV legend Mary Tyler Moore has signed on board the NBC bitch-a-thon Lipstick Jungle playing Brooke Shields mother. Read More
Singing thesp Queen Latifah is not amused. She's suing a small production company that financed the movie The Perfect Holiday for paychecks never received. Read More
Lawyers for battling spouses Christie Brinkley and architect Peter Cook met at a hearing in New York Supreme Court to determine if their upcoming divorce trial will be televised. Read More