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Uma Thurman, the revenge seeking Bride of the Kill Bill doubleheader, is ready to walk the bloody aisle again. Read More
Chris Noth, Mr. Big to you Sex and the City fans out there, is out. Read More
Diminutive actor Vern Troyer who’s best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films is suing a celeb website for showing a sex tape -- of himself engaged in copious acts of copulation. Read More
It's splitsville for Madonna and director Guy Ritchie, according to reports. Read More
Stephen Colbert has a new crusade -- fighting against the glamorization of the horrors of face violence. Read More
As The ENQUIRER reported months ago, Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz had his heart set on adopting a brand new pup -- and guess what?  He has. Read More
If the battle between brawlin' Ex-s Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards isn't enough to curdle your innards, the big brouhaha of the moment is that surreality show mum Denise has dumped ... Read More
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie love Iraqi kids as well as their never-ending brood of adoptees and self-made spawn. Read More
Kid Rock told fans it's OK to steal his songs -- and maybe while they're at it do a little rebellious thieving like boosting autos, designer duds and iPods too. Read More
Mary-Kate Olsen is getting back to her roots.  No, not her blondish locks. M-K will be guest starring on ABC's show Samantha Who? in the fall. Read More