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All Tom Cruise all the time - now on the world weird web! Megastar,  Katie hubby, Suri dad and King Scientolo himself, Tom has launched a website devoted entirely to himself! Read More
Hollywood he-man George Clooney is on the loose again. It's splitsville for Clooney and scorpion-chomping Fear Factor GF, Sarah Lawson. Read More
Former Bruce Lee sparring partner,  Chuck Norris has dropped his law suit against a fan. Satirist and Brown University student, Ian Spector had incurred the 68 year-old karate king's ... Read More
Dallas Cowboy and on-again-off again Jessica Simpson beau, Tony Romo, wants to keep it going with Jess sans Papa Joe's meddling. Read More
Wotta surprise.  Mr. and Mrs. Wentz have finally confirmed there's a little lip-syncer in the oven. Read More
Rachael Ray, terrorist?!  Does Dunkin' Donuts think customers to be so dim witted as to mistake cuddly kitchen kingpin Ray a jihadist? Read More
Here's the latest on Hollywood's hottest - Brangelina! First, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their four children will remain in France for the arrival of the twins. Read More
Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, doesn't know or care if his daughter is playing footsies with gal pal Sam Ronson. Read More
The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has exclusively confirmed that a healthy baby boy was born on May 23 to Jack Black and his wife Tanya. Read More
Spider-Man's honey Mary Jane, Kristen Dunst revealed she went to rehab not for drunken binge drinking but for depression. Read More