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More Celebrity News

New spy film Edwin A. Salt is undergoing a major sex change.  Reportedly, Tom Cruise is out and Angelina Jolie is in. Read More
Lost stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lily are angling for more bucks to stay adrift on the mysterious island. Read More
Mark David Chapman, the convicted killer of Beatle John Lennon, has had his parole denied for a fifth time. Read More
Heroes’ star Hayden Panettiere’s father Alan has been released on bail following his bust for felony domestic violence. Read More
UPDATE: Mark Spitz, Olympic swimming legend wasn't  in Beijing when Michael Phelps tied his record of seven gold medals - no one invited him! Read More
Soul legend and actor Isaac Hayes is dead. Hayes earned multiple Grammys and the first original score Oscar won by an African- American composer for his music (and best-selling theme) for ... Read More
Bernie Mac, the Emmy nominated funnyman who rose from Chicago's South Side poverty to Hollywood success is dead at 50. Read More
Senator John Edwards has confirmed his affair with Rielle Hunter and his ambush by NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters at the Beverly Hills Hilton!   Edwards also admitted to repeatedly ... Read More
Top secret FBI files were released that reveal a secret black channel Gerald R. Ford initiated in 1963 between J. Edgar Hoover's FBI and the Warren Commission's investigation into the ... Read More
American Idol runner -up Clay Aiken is now the father of a new baby boy! Read More