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Wildman Andy Dick has been busted by California cops on charges of sexual battery and drug possession. Read More
Quentin Tarantino wants a few good men for his new WW2 flick Inglorious Bastards - namely Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio! Read More
After pleading guilty to drunk driving and cocaine possession charges last summer, LiLo cooled her heels behind bars.   To date, the wild blonde has wracked an impressive 84 minutes ... Read More
Barenaked Ladies rocker, Steven Page,  has been busted in upstate New York on drug charges. . Read More
Almost forty years after Charles Manson orchestrated a murder spree of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and others, convicted murderer Susan Atkins has been denied parole. Read More
The ENQUIRER was first to report beloved actor Michael J. Fox, is returning to TV! Read More
The ENQUIRER'S exclusive interview with Tatum O'Neal's drug dealer -- she badgered him to sell her crack! Read More
The ENQUIRER reveals the truth behind Jesse Jackson's hatred toward Barack Obama in an exclusive shocking interview!  Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals how Drew Barrymore’s out-of-control boozing destroyed her year-long romance with Justin “I’m a Mac” Long. Read More
The Govenator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger denounced anti-smoking campaigners who want to rid wanna-be Bogies from smoking stogies in flicks. Read More