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Owning a pet can be rewarding but often puzzling experience, top vet Dr. Jeff LaCroix answers the toughest Qs about our four-footed, winged and fishy friends. Read More
Tim Russert, NBC's Washington bureau chief is dead at 58 after suffering a sudden heart attack at the bureau. Read More
Country megastar Kenny Chesney and longtime GF, Allison Stewart, are calling it quits but somebody ought to tell her. So we are. Read More
From out of dusty past of yesteryear, net porn pioneers Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson are doing yet another sequel. Read More
Nicole Kidman is bursting out all over!  The 41 year-old expectant mother is in full bloom and has never looked lovelier. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reports that after a four-year engagement Jermaine Dupri has strong armed Janet Jackson to get married. Read More
Entertainment Tonight, in what has become the running joke of the entertainment industry, continues to refuse to admit it was wrong when it broadcast that Brad and Angelina's twins were born ... Read More
Days after George Clooney paid for ex-GF Sarah Larson's $12K breast augmentation job he dumped her like a rancid tomato. Why? Read More
Exclusive NATIONAL ENQUIRER photos reveal ex-cop, prime suspect Drew Peterson hard at work with a bevy of babes as they 'search' for his missing wife! Read More
Katherine Heigl, the star of Grey's Anatomy, won't be sweating bullets at this year's Emmy's.  She doesn't even want to be nominated. Read More