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Presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain are going toe-to-toe in two comics published by IDW Publishing. Read More
Miley Cyrus mania continues unabated.  Her new album Breakout is Numero Uno on the pop charts selling $371,000 copies.  Read More
The judge presiding in the Phil Spector murder retrial gave prosecutors the OK to use Court TV footage testimony of a witness now deceased. Read More
Original stoner comics Cheech & Chong have finally reunited. Read More
007's secret is out - the theme for new Bond Quantum of Solace will be a duet  by Alicia Keys and White Stripes' Jack White! Read More
Reportedly, its splitsville for thesp Kate Hudson and biker Lance Armstrong. Read More
A NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter – the mother of his “love child” – has been secretly receiv­ing $15,000 a ... Read More
Original Nutty Professor funster Jerry Lewis was busted in Vegas by cops. Read More
Oliver Stone's new film W. starring Josh Brolin as President George W. Bush exposes the truth behind the myth.  See the trailer NOW  -- thanks to our friends at Lionsgate. Read More
With 11 top tens since debut Music of the Sun, Rihanna needed some fun- fun- fun! Read More