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Best selling author J.K. Rowling cast a legal spell to foil an unauthorized Harry Potter encyclopedia written by a fan. Read More
A lightweight vending machine got a very Rocky Sylvester Stallone hopping mad. Read More
Not only did The Miss USA Pageant audience despise one-legged nudie-cutie, Heather Mills, so did the show's producers. Read More
Jessica Gibson, “The Nanny” in the breaking Rob Lowe scandal, claims that Rob groped her repeatedly, exposed himself and attempted to “sexually assault her.” Read More
David Cook, one of the seven remaining American Idol contestants will have a special guest in the audience. Read More
A dupe of a FBI-classified hard core sex film starring Marilyn Monroe has surfaced and been sold to a collector of extremely rare erotica. Read More
Amid outrage that tubby shrink guru Dr. Phil bailed a YouTube beat-teen out of jail, producers have scrubbed the ep. Read More
Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett gave birth to her third son, Ignatius Martin Upton in Sydney, Australia. Read More
Britney Spears was actually sober when she got into a fender bender over the weekend. Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals superstar Elizabeth Taylor was rushed to the hospital after mixing booze and prescription pills! Read More