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The Nicole Richie DUI trial will take place on Wednesday as planned. Read More
The light show at a recent Beyonce performance quickly went from dazzling to dangerous after two fans were injured from pyrotechnical work gone wrong at a concert in St. Louis. Read More
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Everyone's favorite heiress was spotted smoking what appeared to be a joint outside of Teddy's in Hollywood. Read More
Her Madgesty gave the royal decree to all journalists at the Live Earth concert in London saying that they must make eye contact, and keep it, during all interviews. Read More
90210's Tori Spelling has been officially ordained and is now a reverend. Read More
Hilary Duff will give a live performance on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday, July 12. Read More
Lionel Richie addressed his daughter Nicole's legal problems at the the Essence Music Festival on Saturday. Read More
According to industry sources, Donald Trump's NBC show The Apprentice" has been saved for at least one more season. Read More
Will The View embarrass Paris Hilton by hiring hottie-with-brains Ivanka Trump? Read More