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Michelle Williams, the late Heath Ledger’s girlfriend and mother of their child, is snubbing the NYC premiere of The Dark Knight, according to sources. Read More
Get Smart star Anne Hathaway’s ex-BF has been arrested on wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges. Read More
Former child star Corey Feldman, one half of the new surreality show The Two Coreys (with Corey Haim) says he was molested -- just not by life long pal Michael Jackson. Read More
"Karma Chameleon" singer Boy George has been banned in the US. The Department of Immigration denied issuing a visa because George, 48, faces trial in London on charges of false ... Read More
Supermodel Christie Brinkley's cheat of an architect hubby Peter Cook has reportedly paid more than $300,000 in hush money to his former teen lover, according to The New York Post. Read More
Crackhead, cig fiend and substance abuser of the year, Amy Winehouse has early states of emphysema, according to her father. Read More
A paparazzo who tried to snap Matthew McConaughey claims he was attacked by Big Mac's surfside buddies who threw his camera in the Pacific. Read More
One legged nudie-cutie and former Mrs. Sir Paulie Mac, Heather Mills  is being courted by Donald Trump to appear on the tycoon's egocentric reality show Celebrity Apprentice. Read More
Action icons Sylvester Stallone and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have been signed to co-star in the first  made -in- the USA Bollywood film Incredible Love. Read More
The retread of TV comedy classic Get Smart starring Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway nabbed $39.2 mill over the weekend to debut in the Number One slot for movie box office. Read More