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When asked whether Paris Hilton would ever be allowed to co-host The View, Barbara Walters said on her SIRIUS radio show on Monday, "She would certainly always give us something to talk ... Read More
Jennifer Garner has a new job as the spokeswoman for Neutrogena. Read More
A judge awarded Coley Laffon physical custody of the couples 5 year-old son. Read More
Insiders are saying that the new host of the View may be Whoopi Goldberg. Read More
Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the HBO hit Sex and the City, told Entertainment Tonight that the series will finally hit the big screen. Read More
Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail on Friday by Judge Sauer. Read More
Police followed the Martha Stewart's car on Tuesday as she made her way to make an appearance on The View. But it wasn't Stewart they were after this time — it was her driver. Read More
Paris Hilton must now appear in court, despite the fact that she was previously told she could phone in. Read More
Paris Hilton will call in to Friday's court hearing instead of appearing inperson. Read More
ABC and Isaiah Washington's rep have confirmed that he was not asked back to the hit series Grey's Anatomy for it's fourth season next fall. Read More