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Prince got a few gate crashers to his 21 Nights book party in Bel Air over the weekend -- Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's wedding guests! Read More
Britney Spears ex Kevin Federline has been named Father of The Year - for the second time! The Fedster who has been embroiled with a custody battle with Brit over their two sons received ... Read More
NationalEnquirer.Com's exclusive video of The 2008 Gracie Awards honoring women in TV and radio. CLICK HERE Read More
TV titan Oprah Winfrey says she's "euphoric" about Barack Obama clinching the presumed Dem nom for Prez. Read More
Jack Black is now blaming his wife for his blurting out the Brangelina Twins scoop. Read More
The defense began in the R. Kelly child porno trial in Chicago as a reporter who leaked the tape to authorities refused to identify his source in court. Read More
The truth is out there - or more precisely - in here! Read More
Despite rumors emanating from a NYC daily's gossip page, famed funnyman producer Mel Brooks, 82, is not retiring. Read More
As The ENQUIRER previously reported Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are moving to celeb friendly New York City! Read More
In addition to the trashed King Kong attraction and famed New York street set on the Universal Studios backlot were  hundreds of classic film prints! Read More