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Dancing with the Stars was another potpourri of poise and circumstance. Despite reports of offscreen dirty dancing, Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough rhumbaed to a 24/30. Read More
Grammy winning rapper Kayne West has announced it's splitsville for the musician and now ex-fiancée Alexis Phifer. Read More
With multiple pics of Miley Cyrus, 15, (Hannah Montana) downloading daily, from across the pond Harry Potter's gal pal, Emma Watson, a fresh faced 18, flashed photogs at her B-day party. ... Read More
Bama, Hilly C and Johnny Mac are ready to get Raw in the run for the White House! The three candidates are hitting the mat – figuratively -- by providing a taped statement which will air ... Read More
Who's that buccaneer, you may query? Why it's none other than TV funnyman Tim Allen on the set of his new flick Crazy on the Outside. Read More
Wild child Lindsay Lohan is at it again - boozing it up, rocking out and no doubt heading back to 'hab. Read More
Slammin' Super-Hero News from the New York Comic Con: Robert Downey will cameo in character as Iron Man in new Incredible Hulk re-do while star Edward Norton's been doing major damage ... Read More
Britney Spears is set to return to the CBS show How I Met Your Mother. Her guest shot gave the show its highest rating ever and some nice reviews for a career rebuilding Spears. Read More
Jordin Sparks, the reigning American Idol winner, faces a potential career-ending throat injury. Sparks, 18, who canceled three shows this weekend, is suffering from an "acute vocal cord ... Read More
Foxy Brown is free and headin' downtown. Foxy, the nation's first female rapper to hit Number One with "Chyna Doll" back in '99, served eight months of a one year  ... Read More