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Battling Senator Edward M. Kennedy triumphantly returned to Capitol Hill  to cast a decisive vote. Read More
NBC sure is a tease.   While hit Heroes isn't due to return til September, they got a little something to keep you fevered fan addicts - well - fevered.   A 3 part ... Read More
Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr. has shelved his armor to don deerstalker and pipe for Guy Ritchie's new Sherlock Holmes flick. Read More
Britney isn’t the only one rebounding these days – Friends’ Courtney Cox returns to the tube next season. Read More
Newly discovered DNA evidence in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case does not match Ramsey family members nor any possible suspects in the nation’s law enforcement DNA data base. Read More
When on again - off again Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth was pulled over by Canadian cops, they inadvertently saved the 53 year-old’s life. Read More
Val Kilmer is horrified at the thought of having a tattoo! Kilmer, who plays a heavily tatted thug in new pic Felon, is no fan of skin art. Read More
Reality kingpin, Mark Burnett, the master puppeteer behind Survivor and The Apprentice is about to get his chain yanked. Read More
Nothing says "serious" like being gifted with a $22,000 diamond ring from Cartier’s -- and that's just what Sam Ronson gave gal pal Lindsay Lohan. Read More
The recently discovered Jimi Hendrix XXX tape is finally ready to legally hit the streets. Execs at porno distrib Vivid Video say the Purple Haze icon's estate has failed to prove the film ... Read More