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Nothing says "serious" like being gifted with a $22,000 diamond ring from Cartier’s -- and that's just what Sam Ronson gave gal pal Lindsay Lohan. Read More
The recently discovered Jimi Hendrix XXX tape is finally ready to legally hit the streets. Execs at porno distrib Vivid Video say the Purple Haze icon's estate has failed to prove the film ... Read More
Matt LeBlanc, the self styled lover doll Joey of TV's Friends is getting slammed in a lawsuit for $1 million. Read More
Christie Brinkley's court shocker was no surprise to ENQUIRER readers. The ENQUIRER first reported  ex-hubby Cook's 1982 cocaine bust in July of 2006. Read More
After the ENQUIRER exclusively reported that Lara Logan had been named as the "other woman" in a Texas couple's bitter divorce, comes  the shocker Lara is expecting a child! Read More
The Material Girl reteams with rebounding Brit on her upcoming tour. But wait -- it's bait-and-switch! Read More
Hardware issues -- seems Drew Barrymore and her "I'm a Mac" BF Justin Long just aren't compatible. Read More
Matthew McConaughey is a father! His girlfriend, Camila Alves, gave birth to a baby boy, Levi,  on Monday. Read More
Larry Harmon, the Bozo the Clown franchise magnate, is dead at 83 of congestive heart failure. Despite Harmon's claims that he was Bozo the Clown, he was not the originator of the flame ... Read More
Christie Brinkley took the stand again today and told the courtroom just how hard it was to put on a brave face when she discovered hubby Peter Cook was having a steamy affair with his 18 year old ... Read More