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The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reveals the woman who broke Bill Clinton's cheatin' heart.  EXCLUSIVE PIX: Meet Julie Tauber McMahon! Read More
Despite repeated official denials by Brangelina's reps, Entertainment Tonight is still seeing something that isn't there -- the birth of Angelina's Twins! Read More
While Republican Presidential candidate John McCain's been ducking reported infidelity claims, there's no denying his cheatin' ways with first wife, Carol - the woman who waited for ... Read More
There's been a whole lotta bad 'net buzz about Tom Cruise's latest flick Valkyrie because its release has been pushed back.  Yet, despite all the bloggers' hoo-hah, no ... Read More
The late Anna Nicole Smith's lover and father to their child, Danielynn, Larry Birkhead, has bought a home in Louisville, Kentucky. Read More
Dueling divorcees, Charlie Sheen and ex-Denise Richards, have been ordered to split the cost of their attorney's fees in their never-ending custody battle. Read More
The defense rested their case yesterday in music superstar  R. Kelly child porno trial in Chicago. The state is expected to recall several witnesses including a forensic video tape expert. Read More
The NY State Attorney General is investigating a charity run by actress Ann Hathaway’s boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, that funds vaccines for Third World children. Read More
Beverly Hills 90210 alum and daughter of late TV mogul Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling has given birth to a baby girl, Stella. Read More
Bill Murray was recently served with divorce papers from his wife citing abusive and drunk behavior, but new evidence suggests she's a pretty mean drunk herself. Read More