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UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson ID-s body of 7 year old nephew Julian.  Investigation sources say the boy was shot multiple times in the back of the SUV.  Read More
Diana Bianchi, the other woman in the heated Christie Brinkley Peter Cook divorce, has hu$h fund plugged. Read More
Jen Aniston plays Butler, keeps Mayer on short leash.  Read More
SNL's Amy Poehler misses show - gives birth. Read More
Jennifer offers $100,000 reward for return of nephew Julian! Read More
"Maverick" Sarah Palin turns on McCain Campaign! Read More
UPDATE: Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson tragedy.  FBI SEARCH INTENSIFIES FOR MISSING NEPHEW . . . Read More
Californicator Dave wants Tea back but it's too late now! Read More
Maureen McCormick's shocking sex tape revealed! Read More
Creepy Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen love 'mummy' model. Read More