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Weird science? Rumorville? Nope - fact and no less a source than LAPD confirms it! Read More
US Congressman Rep. Peter King (R- Seaford, NY)   takes aim at the canonization of the King of Pop, charges Jacko was a "pervert, a child molester" and "pedophile". Read More
No not Brian Epstein - the much maligned Allen Klein who also repped The Rolling Stones and others. Read More
R-Patz consumed by crippling horror! Read More
Transformers Josh Duhamel put his pole to good use. Read More
After being on the moon where do you go from there?  For BUZZ ALDRIN who touched down with Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface 40 years ago July 20, 1969, his fall back to earth was hard. ... Read More
Dissed ex-wife Debbie Rowe ready to fight for Jacko kids! Read More
Kevin Jonas engaged - allegedly still virginal! Read More
Jen's new relationship PFFFT  before it even starts! Read More
Just a year after being acquitted on charges of soliciting a minor for child pornography, Kelly, 42, is again under investigation for allegedly being sexually involved with an underage girl, The ... Read More