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Teri Hatcher is being sued for allegedly promoting a different company's lip product after she signed an "exclusive endorsement deal" with Hydroderm in 2005. Read More
An attorney for former police sergeant Drew Peterson is denying reports that Peterson used Bolingbrook Police Department computers to run unauthorized checks on people his missing wife Stacy knew. Read More
Just two weeks after their newborn twins were given an overdose of Heparin, Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly are suing the drug's manufacturer. Plus: The babies are home from the hospital! Read More
Former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra was arrested on Dec. 1 — just two weeks after pleading no contest to charges of battery and possession of cocaine. Read More
Authorities investigating the disappearance of Stacy Peterson — the missing fourth wife of police officer Drew Peterson — are chasing down a new lead involving truckers. Read More
Brad Pitt announced a plan for the construction of an environmentally-friendly housing project in New Orleans, but he needs your help! Read More
After some unflattering photos of her in a bikini while vacationing in Hawaii surfaced on the Web, the Ghost Whisperer star addressed the issue on her blog. Read More
Join the thousands of ENQUIRER readers who have found amazing fortune with the Blue Dot. ONLY IN THIS WEEK'S ENQUIRER -- ON SALE EVERYWHERE! Read More
NASCAR Nextel cup series winner Jimmie Johnson caught up with his pal Nick Lachey at the Champion's party. Read More
Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel died Friday, Nov. 30, in Florida. Read More