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Tom Cruise built a secret million-dollar underground bunker at his palatial family compound in Beverly Hills, The National ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
60 Minutes host Steve Kroft has confirmed The National ENQUIRER’s report of his adulterous affair, issuing a statement. Read More
A suicide drama involving Angelina Jolie has stunned both her husband Brad Pitt and father Jon Voight, tearing apart Hollywood’s first family, The National ENQUIRER can reveal. Read More
JENNIFER LOPEZ & on-off BF Casper get busy in Sin City – sources. Read More
Prince Andrew’s convicted pedophile pal financier Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of many things, but has one topic that’s off limits — the shape of his penis. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT VIDEO Read More
Bill Cosby’s TV wife Phylicia Rashad breaks her silence in ongoing sex scandal. Read More
Pres. Obama “desperate” for “Gorgeous” George Clooney to run for political office – D.C. insiders. Read More
Serial procreators eldest rants against same sex marriage but claims to love gay people. Read More
Zsa Zsa's daughter Francesca Hilton who had been in a legal war with her stepfather Prinz von Anhalt died of a stroke last night in a Los Angeles restaurant. Read More