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Prosecutors want 3 different trials for the Oscar winning composer and director accused of a string of multiple rapes stemming from casting couch sessions. Read More
Forget sports - the most extreme sports maniacs are BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! And they'll poke your eye out in 3D! Read More
Tiger Woods booked and paid for Rachel Uchitel's travel fare to rendezvous with him in Australia in November, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
Some Like It Pot! Rare unearthed home movie shows Hollywood icon "Mary-Jane" Monroe pot puffing away. SEE FILM Read More
LATEST: The ENQUIRER reveals celeb mag US Weekly reports in new ish today that Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods WERE indeed having an affair!   "Tiger and Rachel have been intimate ... Read More
Forget more troops deployed to Afghanistan - American viewers are livid that President Obama's speech tonight will pre-empt annual airing of beloved TV classic A Charlie Brown Christmas. Read More
Iconic filmmaker Orson Welles' daughters are furious at the depiction of their father as an adulterer who cheated on his pregnant wife in new Zac Efron film Me and Orson Welles. Read More
Katie Holmes under fire for dressing up 3 year old daughter Suri in high heels! Read More
While Jaycee Dugard was being held prisoner in Phillip Garrido's backyard, the sex-crazed monster spent a night alone in an Antioch, Calif., hotel with an unidentified 12-year-old girl. Read More
Bastion of the Fourth Estate - Newsweek magazine has named the National Enquirer's world exclusives on disgraced Presidential Candidate John Edwards as one of it's top Scandals of The ... Read More