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House Bunny honey Anna Faris had a complete and utter meltdown following her divorce, spiraling into an out-of-control wild, 24 hour beer & boy party! Read More
Nearly a year ago The ENQUIRER FIRST reported trouble in  Avril Lavigne's marriage and she and hubby Deryck Whibley were heading for divorce. Guess what?  We were right AGAIN! Read More
Angelina Jolie's weight has plunged dramatically - and worried friends blame the shocking weight loss on her unraveling relationship with Brad Pitt. Read More
Jon and Kate Gosselin's bitter divorce is not only turning into a huge battle over money, it will also split their eight children into two families, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
The judge in the case of the two Johnny Come lately writers claiming new Jen Aniston - Aaron Eckhardt flick is a rip-off of their "work" threw the case out of court! Read More
UPDATE: A grimly determined John Travolta will testify in the multi-million dollar extortion blackmail trial in the Bahamas. Read More
America's favorite weird mystery sci-fi show FRINGE is back and we know what's what!  Or DO we? Read More
Kate gives Jon's dogs the old heave-ho! Read More
Gothamite stunned by rare public appearance of Mad-Grrl & Jesus! Read More
Jaycee Dugard will soon share her shocking personal story in a secret book deal, insiders tell The ENQUIRER. Read More