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Hormones dictate what women are attracted to and a new study claims the birth control pill has given rise to pretty boy preference over rugged he-men! Read More
Mickey Rourke blames ALL his problems on his abusive step-dad and claims a priest helped him see the light! Read More
TV shrink Dr. Phil sued by woman who claims he held her captive inside his production office and then got kinky! Read More
Mackenzie Phillips left out a stunning secret from her headline-making new autobiography - she worked as a hooker…when she was pregnant! Read More
David Letterman's sensational sex scandal has triggered a $300 million divorce war between the 62-year-old talk-show host and his outraged wife Regina, say sources close to the star. Read More
Attorneys for love starved astronaut Lisa Nowak who drove 10000 miles without a stop wearing a diaper to bitch slap a love rival wants one of the charges dismissed. Read More
Despite a lavishly staged wedding for the glam mags the whirlwind "romance" of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom has NOT been consummated. Read More
Ex Alaska Gov Sarah Palin's new memoir is nothing more than a vitriolic attack on Levi Johnston, the estranged baby mamma dada of teen Bristol's child! Read More
Hollywood icon Liz Taylor heart is busted - literally. Read More
Feds eyed busty blonde for her part in a murder plot to kill tycoon hubby's son. Read More