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Composer Vic Mizzy who scored the finger snapping theme to The Addams Family and Green Acres is gone at 93. Read More
Not content to Twitter, Facebook and publish her memoirs Sarah Palin has joined LinkedIn.  Believe it or else she's job hunting. Time to go on Oprah? YES! Read More
With a former patient suing Dr. Phil and making shocking sexual allegations against him, the self-help guru's already shaky 33-year marriage is on the verge of collapse! Read More
Sick of being badmouthed by her own father Lindsay Lohan is taking action - legal action! Read More
Julia Roberts freaked out when she learned heavy security on her latest film prevented her from learning her mother had suffered a heart attack! Read More
A year and a half ago The ENQUIRER first reported Miley Cyrus was a Sex and the City addict and she's been rewarded with a cameo in the new film.  But that's NOT the FULL STORY ... Read More
Liz Taylor has sailed through her latest health crisis, and now she's talking about making a Hollywood comeback! Read More
Livid studio execs have banned stars from using Twitter to prevent security leaks or spoilers from on-set. Read More
Monster kidnapper Phillip Garrido kept Jaycee Dugard drugged to stop her from running away. Read More
Just imagine having Madonna for a neighbor - sexy rockin' good times, right?  WRONG says a neighbor who's suing MAD! Read More