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If you though Brangie being viewed through a nose-cam was weird as Jen Aniston sashayed across the stage last year - you ain't seen nothing yet! PLUS: WHO WILL WIN! Read More
George Clooney's relationship with hot-blooded Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis is doomed to fail, say pals - because she's jealous of his friendships with other women. Read More
Fat actress Kirstie Alley on the warpath - against cyber bullies who've been targeting her teen daughter on Twitter. Read More
With top DC politicos and media insiders leading the way for The Enquirer to receive a Pulitzer prize for its exhaustive investigation of the John Edwards cover-up, the prestigious Washington ... Read More
GOP literary shocker - as Sarah Palin may want to rethink Tea Party for tea baggin' as she's caught spending more than $60,000 from her Political Action Committee to buy copies of own book. Read More
Zac Efron never forgave Shia La Beouf for dissing him big time with Megan Fox! Read More
New GOP Massachussets Senator-elect Scott Brown credits his election to his skin baring pictorial spread in famed femme mag. SEE VIDEO! Read More
Looking like an undercover bum, Tropic Thunder star Nick Nolte scrounges through dumpsters along the Venice Boardwalk. Read More
First it was no new Space Shuttle and outsourcing NASA glory to other countries but now Obama wants to scrap the U.S. return to the moon!  Lost in the number crunching of the proposed $3.8 ... Read More
It was ladies night at the Grammy Awards as Taylor Swift and Beyonce racked up multiple statues. See them and more stars in our Grammy gallery! Read More