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Former 1970s teen hearthtrob Leif Garrett released from jail on heroin possession. Read More
The Manhattan District Attorney's office is summoning Jon Gosselin to a meeting next week -- whether Jon likes it or not! Read More
Britney Spears "completely broke down" in the car on the way home from her Jan. 22 court date after realizing she may never get out from under her father Jamie's conservatorship, ... Read More
TV legend Johnny Carson was so convinced his second wife was bedding football great Frank Gifford, he mounted an undercover mission to catch her cheating! Read More
Like Morris the Cat, Kanye West is a finicky …flier. Read More
High school was hell literally for Michelle Trachtenberg because bullies made her life a misery and not just the cyber variety! Read More
Jen Aniston is taking living alone to the next plane of EXistenZ - as the Friends beauty reveals her "man free" house following its 2 1/2 year overhaul. Read More
Tiger Woods hit the roof when he found out he had to take a lie detector test during his sex addiction therapy - and spiraled into a nightmare of anxiety, sleepless nights and medication. Read More
A North Carolina judge has ordered John Edwards' former aide Andrew Young and his wife Cheri back into court to answer why they have not returned the alleged Rielle Hunter sex tape. Read More
Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards is telling pals that John beat her during a horrific marriage-ending fight, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Read More