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Hollywood grand dame Kate Hepburn at age 80 took home a Broadway boy toy half her age, plied him with booze before demanding a sultry command performance! Read More
A shortage of cash threatened to shut down Exorcist star Linda Blair's animal shelter - until American Idol top dog Simon Cowell bailed her out! Read More
In a bizarre twist to the Caylee Anthony murder case, an investigation was launched to determine whether the 2-year-old toddler was killed in a human sacrifice ritual. Read More
Rihanna secretly called Jessica Biel to say she's not chasing Justin Timberlake, sources say. But plenty of women ARE - and Mr. "Sexy Back" isn't running the other way! Read More
Talk show titan sued by her private jet ex-flight attendant after being axed for sex with pilot in flight. Read More
The wild melee between Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis attacking Brody Jenner's GF Jayde Mand in a night club was caught on VIDEO. Read More
Murderous Manson disciple Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme may be in BIG trouble! Read More
UPDATE: The skeletal structure of filmdom's most famous ape King Kong goes on the auction block! Read More
SEE VIDEO: "Jesse's Girl" Rick Springfield bares ALL, trying to to outdo David Duchovny on Californication! Read More
Nobel Prize or no Nobel Prize, First Lady Michelle is so furious over Obama groupies she's banned him from their bed! Read More