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Jessica Simpson was not heartbroken for a change but simply enthralled to be on a date with 3-way hunk Gerard Butler! Read More
Despite being involved with a fender bender yesterday Michael Jackson's kids showed no emotion - what really frightens is them is that their beloved nanny may be relieved of duty - by the police! Read More
Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan tried to kill himself after his nasty breakup with his wife of 23 years. Read More
The trial of two suspects in the Bahamas accused to extorting millions from John Travolta in the death of his son Jett has been declared a mistrial! Read More
NEW DETAILS: Clark Kent's pal arrested by feds as part of drug conspiracy! SEE THE FEDERAL INDICTMENT Read More
Take a peek inside Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's wedding album. Read More
They say comedy is hard but dying is easier?  Well, sort-of - just ask Dick Cavett who's guest died on the air! Read More
Kate Gosselin admits she doesn't understand why her 8 are "acting out". Read More
Rosie O'Donnell confirms ENQUIRER world exclusive that she and her wife "are on the rocks". Read More
BLOCKBUSTER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: John Edwards is paying for his mistress and their love child to live in a gorgeous million- dollar home that's a short distance from his family's luxury ... Read More