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Hollywood legend Liz Taylor falls ill, skips ballyhooed opening of own jewelry store. Read More
Angelina Jolie is cracking the whip, insisting  Brad Pitt get serious about learning French. Read More
As if Tiger didn't have Scandinavia in a huff already, Mel Gibson and Leo DiCaprio to go berserk - Viking style! Read More
Anti-aging queen Suzanne Somers is getting a face-lift - but with  bizarre new procedure  utilizing stem cells, The ENQUIRER has learned. Read More
As reprobate -at -large Tiger Woods struggles to retain his dignity, wife Elin ditches her wedding ring, sponsors kick him to the curb and child protection services visit the image damaged King of ... Read More
Master thespian Bill Shatner duels with Rogue Sarah Palin. Read More
Former John Edwards loyalist Andrew Young's blockbuster tell-all published early next year, confirms The ENQUIRER's exclusive investigation into the alleged conspiracy and cover-up. Read More
NEW DETAILS: Tiger Woods puts career on hiatus, admits "infidelity" while Elin masterminds escape. Read More
An EXPLOSIVE new book about Disney World claims the world-famous Florida theme park is a hotbed of sex and drugs. Read More
Maryland judge rules in favor of TLC against alleged contract breacher Jon Gosselin. Read More