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Sure, there's a Haiti telethon to host first but then "Goregous" George Clooney's ready to become a daddy! Read More
Jon Gosselin may have a new girlfriend but evidently the Hawaiian Eye for the Ladies choice in lovelies is no better than the last batch. Read More
In a case of mistaken terror, animal lover Linda Blair's Labrador was shot dead to stop it from mauling a pet pig. Read More
Erich Segal author of best selling Love Story that became a movie blockbuster gone at 72. Read More
Robert B. Parker prolific author of the Spenser for Hire mystery series meets grim reaper at 77. Read More
Adios Brad - Angelina is moving on! Read More
Behind closed doors:  Tiger Woods  undergoes sex addiction therapy at an out-of-the-way Mississippi facility.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FIRST PIX OF TIGER IN SEX REHAB Read More
Judge throws out the Tiger Woods defense in the case against accused David Letterman blackmailer. Read More
Wiseguy star Ken Wahl is offering a reward for the cruel cat killer who made national headlines - his Golden Globe award. Read More
Titanic heartthrob set to propose to girlfriend on Valentine's Day! Read More