Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor claims she could end up losing her home after her daughter allegedly stole nearly $2 million from her.

The ailing 88-year-old and her husband, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, filed a lawsuit June 1 against her daughter Francesca Hilton, Paris Hilton’s great aunt. They took the action after they say they learned that a loan had been taken out on their Bel Air, Calif., mansion in Francesca’s name.

The lawsuit alleges elder abuse, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress, stemming from the core of the complaint that Francesca, 58, made off with $2 million of her mother’s money. Ronald Palmieri, Zsa Zsa’s longtime attorney, claims Francesca used $1 million of that money to buy a home.

Palmieri told The National Enquirer: “Ms. Gabor says she never gave her daughter power of attorney, and never told her, or anyone, she could take millions of dollars from her.

“She is appalled and heartbroken that she had to file suit against her only child. She could lose the home she’s lived in for over 40 years. She’s confined to a wheelchair [but] her health condition has been drastically worsened by this event. It’s truly heartbreaking.

“Our task now is to try to seize Ms. Hilton’s home, and to find the New York company she gave the other million to. “Ms. Hilton will eventually be forced to explain why she took the money, where it is — and then return it.” Francesca did not return calls for comment.