CORBIN BERNSEN asked fans to pray for his beloved mother, daytime soap op­era legend JEANNE COOPER, who had been fighting for her life at a Los Angeles hospital. And then a miracle happened . . .

The 84-year-old “The Young and the Restless” star was admitted to L.A.’s Cedars- Sinai hospital on April 10 and then took a turn for the worse two days later.

On April 12, former LA LAW actor/ director Corbin, 58 – who’s now on the TV show “Psych” – asked his Facebook followers for “some prayers for my mom.” With­out going into detail, he said the situation was “pretty rough.”

The next day, he praised his mother’s spirit in trying to rally, posting: “Suffice to say, the greatest boxers of all time aren’t half the fighter she is.”

Jeanne has been on “The Young and the Restless,” day­time’s No. 1 soap, since she joined the cast in November 1973, as the wealthy industrialist Katherine Chancellor.

“Jeanne’s been working steadily with a major story line,” said a source close to the actress. “Her character was just diagnosed with a tumor on her brain, but still works as the head of Chancellor Industries.”

This isn’t the first time in the past couple years that Jeanne has struggled with a severe illness, says the source. The actress had to take a medical leave from the show in 2011 when she had a bad bout with the flu.

“Jeanne struggled for three weeks and refused to go to the hospital with a 105 fever,” the source said. “She made it through that time, and, like her TV character, she’s always seemed to have nine lives.

And over the weekend, April 27th Corbin Tweeted the happy news, Mom is heading home from hospital today! I'm overwhelmed by the abundance of blessings in my life. Work, love, family and all of you. Wow!”