Peacock net eyes return of KATIE COURIC to TODAY to couple with former playmate MATT LAUER.

NBC source say that when Svannah Guthrie goes on maternity leave later this year, she’ll be replaced by former Today hottie Katie.

Couric whose ABC daytime chat show was axed but Emmy nomm’ed has been at Yahoo News.

“It makes perfect sense,” an NBC News insider divulged. “The viewers loved her and Matt Lauer together. This would be a chance to give them exactly what they want.”

 NBC officials cautioned that there have been no “official” negotiations with Team Couric about returning to the Today Show hot seat.

 Fan fave Meredith Vieira, has also been bandied about as a potential sub, along with current “internal talent.”

“With the ‘Today’ show in a good place, we are blessed with great talent and many options to temporarily fill Savannah’s chair while she’s on leave, but there’s no plan yet,” an NBC News spokeswoman said. “Stay tuned.”

Couric, 57, left “Today” in 2006 to become anchor of the “CBS Evening News” and then saddled up with the Mouse House in 2011 as Disney/ABC syndicated her AM chatter.

Katie has also served as a special news correspondent contributing to “Good Morning America” which has been trouncing the former AM talk titan Today in the Nielsen ratings.

“Reuniting Katie with Matt would be a ratings killer,” a vet TV journo predicted.