“No shirt, no shoes, no problem” at WYNONNA JUDD’s fall wedding – where animals will be among the honored guests.

“Wynonna jokes that the affair is going to be ‘half-hip­pie and half-hillbilly,’ ” said a source close to the brassy, flame-haired country star.

“Instead of saying, ‘I do,’ she may well be saying, ‘yee-haw!’ ”

Wynonna is planning to marry her drummer Scott “Cactus” Moser on her 500-acre farm in Franklin, Tenn.

The 47-year-old singer has chosen a downhome shindig over a big Hollywood blowout, and she promises a “simple and sweet” ceremony.

Wynonna says the theme will be “barefoot and just fun,” and will include her two kids, Elijah, 17, and Grace, 15, with her first husband.

“Wynonna envisions a very casual affair,” revealed the source. “And when I say casual, I mean people will be able to wear whatever they want, including shorts and flip-flops.”

Wynonna says she wants to wear a “big, flowing hip­pie dress” with no shoes and flowers in her hair for her third wedding, said the source.

“There will be animals roaming around – her two big dogs and livestock like chickens and cows.

“There’s also going to be a big stage where Wynonna’s country pals can make music.

“She’s even talked about some folks playing in a jug band with fiddle, guitars , banjo and a metal wash­board.

“At the end, the newlyweds plan to roar off for their honeymoon aboard a big old Har­ley motorcycle.”

But as The ENQUIRER reported in January, pals fear the lovebirds may not live happily ever after because Wynonna’s beau might be after her money.

We learned that 54-year-old Moser has suffered financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Meanwhile, Wynonna’s net worth is said to be about $35 million.

But she doesn’t seem to be con­cerned.

Said the source: “Wynonna’s at­titude is, ‘I love him and he loves me – and that’s all that matters!’”