FORMER “Titans” star Yasmine Bleeth is on the road to recovery from drug abuse– thanks to caring “Baywatch” buddy David Charvet.

In a dramatic showdown, Charvet confronted the 32-year-old beauty over her mounting cocaine use, pals reveal.

“Yasmine’s been through rehab and now she’s clean as a whistle,” a friend of the talented actress told The ENQUIRER. “But if David hadn’t come to her rescue when he did, she might not even be here today.

“Yasmine, who’s like a sister to David, was staying at his home in Malibu when he accidentally discovered cocaine sitting on top of her bag. David confronted her with it, saying he loved her but was very concerned she was ruining both her health and beauty.


Yasmine has her own line of swimwear called “Yaz.”

“Yasmine took his words to heart and quietly checked herself into an L.A. rehab clinic.”

A source who knows Bleeth and Charvet revealed: “At times, Yasmine was so strung out on coke, she looked ill. Everybody was deeply concerned she’d kill herself, but David reached out.”

Concluded the friend:

“Although David encouraged Yasmine, all the credit for getting clean goes to her. She stuck it out through detox,” and kept up with outpatient counseling after she left treatment.