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Never ever ask Vinnie Jones about the X-Men. EVER!

The Brawny Brit thesp, 43, got into a beer brawl in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Cops say Vinnie, a former soccer hooligan, went berserk when a local habitué at Wiley’s Tavern, Jesse Bickett, 24, innocently asked the Marvel Comics’ mutie if he was "that guy from X-Men?"

Juggernaut Vinnie then charged the local, pummeling him but Bickett fought back. 

Jones suffered cuts on his face from a bear glass at a local hospital before being booked on simple assault and was out on bail before you could say "Magneto".

Allegedly, one of Violent Vinnie’s pals said he was in town to hunt. His manager Alex Cole said the tough guy thesp hadn’t returned his calls and that Jones was on vacation.  Bare knuckles vacation.