X FACTOR winners Alex Kin­sey and Sierra Deaton are secretly being groomed to become the next Sonny and Cher!

Now that the couple has won a million-dollar recording contract with Sony Music, sources say pro­ducers want to transform them into a modern-day version of the legend­ary pop-music duo.

“If all goes as planned, they’ll be given their own TV variety show, just like Sonny and Cher had in the 1970s,” said one source.

Alex and Sierra, who are both 22, beat out struggling single dad Jeff Gutt and former Menudo boy-bander Carlito Olivero on the finale of the FOX show on Dec. 19.

The two knew each other in high school, but their relationship didn’t turn romantic until they started at­tending the University of Central Flor­ida in Orlando.

“They’re a great couple and have been dating for two years now,” Steven Lee Hardock, Alex’s uncle, told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s been a whirlwind for them these past few months, being away from home and all,” he continued. “The intense pressure cooker they were under, especially making it all the way to the Final Three, could have torn any other couple apart.

“In this case, it brought them a lot closer together.”

The folk-pop duo will have a few weeks to relax and enjoy the holi­days back home in Florida before hitting the recording studio in January. And family members are hoping the lovebirds will use the downtime to get engaged.

Hardock added: “I’m sure both fami­lies would be overjoyed if that were to happen.”