WYNONNA JUDD was the first celebrity to get the boot from “Dancing with the Stars,” but sources say it was a blessing in disguise because she’s a heart attack waiting to happen!

The 48-year-old country legend admits she was “devastated” to be eliminated from the hit ABC show. But an insider says she was pushing herself to the breaking point between the grueling dance workouts, her extreme exercise regimen and caring for her husband, who nearly died twice in recent months.

“Wynonna is a physical and emotional wreck – a ticking time bomb,” warned an insider.

HEALTH-WISE, it’s a good thing she got bounced from the show.”

The 5-foot-5 performer, who tips the scales at 245 pounds, binges on double and even triple portions of salty, fried foods and sweets and then desperately tries to get in shape with exhausting workout sessions that run as long as three hours a day, according to the insider.

“She’s been complaining that all the physical activity leaves her short of breath and in horrible pain.”

The week before her elimination from “DWTS,” the mother of two collapsed during a particularly strenuous dance session with partner Tony Dovolani, revealed the source.

“Tony rushed to Wy’s side and applied cool compresses to her forehead while she cried out that she had shooting pains in her chest.”

The “No One Else on Earth” singer is also reeling from the intense stress of husband Michael “Cactus” Moser’s nearly fatal Aug. 18 motorcycle accident, which cost him his lower left leg.

The 55-year-old drummer later had a second brush with death when he accidentally overdosed on morphine he was taking for the pain.

“Between caring for Cactus and tending to her career, Wynonna barely has a moment to catch her breath,” said the source.

“[Her mom] Naomi and [sister] Ashley worry that if she keeps up this crazy pace, she’s putting herself at risk for a heart attack.”