The ENQUIRER has learned that while ANGELINA JOLIE was half a world away, partner BRAD PITT made her furious by having dinner with his ex-wife JENNIFER ANISTON’s BFF, COURTENEY COX.

And when Angie learned about the intimate rendezvous, pals say she freaked out!

“Just when Brad and Angie got their relationship back on track, he screwed everything up by meeting with Courteney,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.

Brad and the “Cougar Town” beauty were together at a May 4 dinner party at Beso restaurant in Los Angeles – while Angie was in Cambodia shooting a Louis Vuitton ad campaign.

An eyewitness at the restaurant told The ENQUIRER that Brad and Courteney “spent a good 20 minutes locked in a very personal chat, away from the other guests.

“It looked like a very warm conversation.”

And the source added that every time Brad sees Courteney, “all they talk about is Jen. He wants to know who she’s dating and whether or not she still talks about him.”

Angelina is disgusted.