A world famous music icon is hiding a dark and tragic secret – he was sexually abused as an innocent nine-year-old child, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The pop star admitted in court testimony seen by The ENQUIRER that the depraved monster was a family member.

The musician was forced to address the abuse in court after his estranged partner resorted to using the shocking tragedy in a desperate bid to strip him of his custodial rights to their children, a source told The ENQUIRER .

To protect the victim’s privacy, we have chosen not to disclose his identity, the identities of other people involved or significant details of the brutal crimes. The abuse ended decades ago, but the victim did not confess the heartbreaking crime to family and friends until 2008.

The pedophile was 25 at the time of the abuse, the award-winning musician testified.

The fiend was never charged because the singer chose to keep his secret closely guarded as his star rose on stage and screen.

But in documentation of a closed session seen by The ENQUIRER , an attorney asked the musician: “Now, [name redacted], when you were younger the person who molested you was [name redacted], your [family member], correct?” The singer-songwriter responded, “Correct.”

During his deposition, the musician suggested that the absence of a father in his life may have played a role. He testified: “I thought maybe because my father wasn’t there. Maybe that had something to do with it.”

But then the musician added: “I don’t blame my issues with child molestation on anybody else. It’s really just a sick individual that decided to do something heinous to a child.”