Tom Cruise has shelled out for a nine-bedroom mansion just three miles from the home of his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes‘ parents.

His purchase of the $1.5 million property so close to his future in-laws has allayed fears among Katie’s family that they would never see the actress or her new baby when it arrives.

“Tom bought a big house for himself, Katie and the baby. The whole family is delighted,” said Katie’s aunt Carol Zydorczyk.

“Maybe the next thing will be they’ll be married here and have the baby delivered here.”

Kate’s family were said to have been unhappy with the fact that Tom had been married before and the 17-year age difference with Katie.

A source close to the Holmes family said: “Buying this home was a clever move for Tom. It pleases Katie, it pleases her parents and it silences cynics who claim the family is against Tom, against his Scientology and miffed he got Katie pregnant before marriage, which is contrary to her Catholic upbringing.”

The 1917 house is in The Village of Ottawa Hills, a picturesque suburb of Toledo, Ohio, where Katie, 26, grew up.

Tom, 43, agreed to the price and terms and conditions on October 10. The deal will be finalized on October 25.

The three-story home on a tranquil street has an oakpaneled library, a solarium and ladies’ tearoom. The garden has a pagoda, waterfall and river views, while the kitchen has four refrigerators and four ovens.

Tom and Katie will be able to kick back in the town. A local resident said: “It’s a friendly place where nobody bugs you because you’re famous.”

For photos of the house, pick up this week’s issue of The National Enquirer.