The ENQUIRER reports the shocking truth behind screen siren ANGELINA JOLIE’s tearful breakdown.

 The “emotional collapse” that Angelina recent­ly suffered was triggered by a terrifying cancer drama, insiders say.

The actress, 36, con­fessed that she broke down in tears after completing her highly praised directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.”

But sources reveal Angelina’s meltdown occurred after dis­covering she was experiencing similar symptoms of ovarian can­cer – the same disease that killed her mother.

“Angelina began to experience abdominal pressure, pain in her pelvis, indigestion, loss of appe­tite and a lack of energy. She also felt bloated and heavy,” divulged a source close to her.

“The symptoms were like noth­ing she’d ever experienced before.

“In her mind, she was connect­ing the dots and always coming up with the same diagnosis – that she had ovarian cancer!”

The screen sexpot certainly showed no signs of her ordeal at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 15, when she stepped out looking radiant with lover Brad Pitt. And she has even recently told pals that she is pregnant with her seventh child.

Still, medical experts say that the Oscar-winning beauty had reason to worry about cancer after no­ticing the symptoms in her body.

“In the very early stages of the disease, when it is curable, no symp­toms present themselves,” Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, a gynecologist/endocri­nologist at the Fertility Institute in Los Angeles, told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s only when the disease has progressed, and symptoms of bloating and in­digestion appear, that women can be in big trouble.”

Angelina began feeling poorly during the final days of shooting her Bosnian love story flick in Europe during the fall of 2010, sources revealed.

The cancer-like symptoms per­sisted after she returned home to Los Angeles, and she underwent a series of tests, the source revealed.

With her family history – her mother Marcheline died of ovar­ian cancer at age 56, while both her grandmothers and her mother’s brother also died of cancer – An­gelina was convinced she had the killer disease.

“Angelina said the doctors told her it was probably nothing and she should try to relax, but they couldn’t discount her fears because of her family history,” the source divulged.

“Angie said that convinced her she had cancer. And she knew if she was experiencing symptoms, it was already too late.”

She finally cracked under thepressure while editing “In the Land of Blood and Honey” she admitted in an incredibly candid interview.

“I had a complete emotional break­down in the shower and Brad found me just crying,” the usually private actress confessed during an online chat on the website “I had a complete meltdown.”

 In the end, tests showed the raven-tressed beauty was cancer-free, said a source, adding: “It was a massive relief to Ange­lina.”

As The ENQUIRER recently reported Angie and her partner-in-parenting Brad Pitt are happily expecting to add one more biological child to their brood of six children.

“Having come through THAT false alarm,” said the insider. “Angie is even more determined to live life to its fullest.”