SHOCKING new testi­mony in the $40 billion Michael Jackson wrongful death suit has exposed his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley as self-centered who sent the King of Pop into a tragic death spiral!

In a blockbuster courtroom state­ment, Jackson’s longtime makeup artist revealed that Lisa Marie begged Michael to work on their failing marriage and then stunned the un­suspecting superstar by slapping him with divorce papers.

Now sources tell The ENQUIRER they believe that Lisa Marie’s ugly be­trayal broke Michael’s heart and led him to numb the pain with drugs.

“Michael trusted Lisa Marie more than anyone else in his life,” said a Jackson family insider.

“When she betrayed him, he was consumed with sadness and used drugs as an emotional escape. His drug use increased immensely after that and led him down the self-destructive path that ultimately ended with his death.”

Lisa Marie married Michael in May 1994, but sources say the union quickly unraveled over his control­ling nature, the controversial religion Scientology and accusations that Michael was a child molester.

In a dramatic courtroom appearance in May, Michael’s former makeup artist Karen Faye described how a deceitful Lisa Marie, now 45, manipulated the “Thriller” star into thinking their mar­riage could be saved, and then pulled the rug out from under him by filing for divorce in January 1996.

“Lisa Marie Presley was calling Michael, begging him not to divorce her,” Faye, 60, testified in the wrong­ful death suit filed by Jackson’s heirs against concert promoter AEG.

“They weren’t getting along. She said, ‘Let’s try to work this out.’ “Mi­chael kept saying, ‘No, I don’t think it’s going to work.’ She begged and begged, ‘Please don’t file, please don’t file.’ So he promised her he wouldn’t file for divorce. The next morning it was all over the press – she filed for divorce. He was devastated. He had decided to really try again with her. Then she turned around and did that.”

Faye’s testimony offers the first-ever glimpse at the in­ner workings of the couple’s bitter split – and it’s sparked an outcry over Lisa Marie’s dirty divorce dealings.

“Lisa Marie’s decision to go behind Michael’s back and file for di­vorce was definitely a well-planned strategy that left him emotionally and psychologically wounded,” Ian Hal­perin, who interviewed Faye for his 2009 unauthorized biography “Un­masked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson,” told The ENQUIRER.

“Michael was a fragile person who turned to prescription medication for emotional escape. That’s why Lisa Marie’s divorce betrayal was such a damaging turning point in their life.